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What is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a distinct service or group of services provided by our pharmacists to optimize therapeutic outcomes for our patients. MTM services encompass a broad range of professional activities and responsibilities within the licensed pharmacist's scope of practice. These services are designed to help patients get the best benefits from their medications by actively managing drug therapy and by identifying, preventing, and resolving medication-related problems.

MTM services typically include a comprehensive review of the patient's medications, health conditions, and overall health status. We assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of the medications, identify potential drug interactions or adverse effects, and work with patients and other healthcare providers to develop a medication treatment plan that is individualized to the patient's needs.

Some key components of Medication Therapy Management include:

1. Medication Therapy Review (MTR): This involves a systematic assessment of a patient's medications, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbal

supplements, and vitamins.

2. Personal Medication Record (PMR): Pharmacists create and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date record of the patient's medications, which helps in identifying and resolving medication-related problems.

3. Medication Action Plan (MAP): Based on the medication therapy review, the

pharmacists develop a specific plan for the patient, outlining the medications, dosage instructions, and goals of therapy.

4. Intervention and Referral: Pharmacists intervene to address any medication-related issues and may refer patients to their healthcare provider if further evaluation or adjustments to the medication regimen are needed.

5. Documentation and Follow-Up: Pharmacists document their interventions and follow up with patients to assess their progress, monitor for any issues, and adjust the medication therapy plan as necessary.

MTM is particularly important for patients with chronic diseases

, multiple health conditions, or those taking multiple medications, as they are at higher risk of medication-related problems. By optimizing medication therapy, MTM services can improve patient outcomes, enhance medication adherence, and reduce healthcare costs associated with medication-related complications.

It's important to note that while pharmacists often play a central role in MTM, other healthcare providers, including physicians and nurse practitioners, can also provide MTM services as part of a collaborative healthcare team.

Do I Qualify for Medication Therapy Management?

Do you take several medications for several different health conditions?

Is it difficult to manage your health and your medications?

Are you having any side effects from your medications?

Do you take medications that require close monitoring?

Do you have any concerns about medication costs?

If you said yes to any of the questions above you may benefit from our

medical therapy management services schedule a consultation with a Hillcrest Pharmacy staff member today.

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